Friday, 11 October 2013

How to block a number on an iPhone in iOS 7

We would all like the ability not to be contacted from certain numbers. Perhaps you are receiving nuisance calls from PPI firms, or these telecom companies just won't leave you alone.You can ignore each call as it comes in, of course, but how can you block that number forever?

The following ways to block callers work on the iPhone running iOS 7

1. Block a number that has called you in iOS 7

Open up the Phone app at the bottom of every home screen. At the bottom of the window you should see 'Recents'. Click this. You will see a list of recent callers.
Click the (i) next to the number you wish to block. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the option to 'Block this Caller'. Click it and confirm your choice. That's it!

2. Another way to block a contact in iOS 7

You can also block contacts that are already in your phone. This works via the Settings app. Go to Settings - it is a grey app on your home screen. Then scroll down to Phone.
Scroll down again and you will see an entry for 'Blocked'. This shows you a list of blocked contacts. Click Add New... and you will be taken to your Contacts. Select the Contact you wish to block, and confirm your choice.