Wednesday, 23 October 2013

BlackBerry's BBM takes top spot on Apple's App Store

Credit : Cnet 
BlackBerry BBM racks up 10M downloads in first 24 hours. BlackBerry Messenger fans new and old propelled the BBM app to the top of Apple's App Store just a day after its launch. But the app doesn't appear to be making much of a ripple in the Google Play store, and isn't listed in the top free apps list.

Bocking noted there have been 60,000 five-star reviews out of 87,000 total reviews. It is the No. 1 app on the App Store's free apps list. Curiously, as of Tuesday morning, the BBM app hasn't made the same impact on Android's Google Play store, where it isn't listed in the top free app category. But, we don't know how quickly Google Play updates its top free apps list.

There was significant demand for the iOS and Android version of BBM, with 6 million registering ahead of time to get information on the app. There was so much interest that BlackBerry had to institute a wait list for people who hadn't registered ahead of time.

BBM has been a rare bright spot for a company that recently retreated from the consumer market, focusing largely on big business and government customers with its devices and network services.