Friday, 24 January 2014

iPhone 6 design said to be 'locked down', including bigger 4.8-inch display!

While the launch of the next-generation iPhone is months away, the speculation around it is endless. And Apple may have finally decided how its upcoming smartphone will look, now, an analyst has claimed that the Cupertino based company has finalised, or internally "locked down" much of the design of its next iPhone, believed to be dubbed iPhone 6.

According to a research note by Cowen & Co analyst Timothy Arcuri, Apple has "locked down" the design for iPhone 6. He says that the model will have a 4.8-inch screen and will be compatible with the faster Wi-Fi 802.11ac wireless standard.

Further, Arcuri, citing Apple's supply chain, has revealed that this year's iPhone, apart from hardware upgrades, will bring along key software innovations with the next major iOS platform release. Prominent among them is expected to be mobile payments, which will use existing technologies like Passbook, Touch ID and iBeacon. 

He also said that the iPhone 5S, with technologies like fingerprint scanner and 64-bit processor, was a "set-up" for the next generation smartphone. He said that these technologies will enable the iPhone maker to debut new services that will give it an edge in the smartphone market.

Apart from iPhone 6, Arcuri also mentioned the next-generation iPad in the research note. He wrote that the next model will have a 13-inch screen and will "blur the lines between tablets and PCs." This is in line with previous reports about a large-screen, professional-grade iPad that will replace the Macbook Air.